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Family Friendly Entertainment

Family Friendly Entertainment

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Who am I?


Larry Wirtz
Postal Box 837
Crown Point, IN

(219) 662 - 1530

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"Larry Wirtz is an unforgettable speaker and entertainer. His family style appeals to the adults as well as the children! Highly Recommended!"
"I have been teaching for 24 years and have never heard a speaker speak with such a powerful message. Larry has a very special gift and ability to communicate to all ages! May God continue to Bless you and what you do!"
Ben Liskey - Upward Coach
Meleta Beach - Teacher
Southlake Church of the Nazarene
Pioneer School - Royal Center, Indiana

A very special message created specifically for Upward Awards Celebrations! This is Christ centered entertainment that will capture the imagination and put a smile on everyone's face. An outstanding way to brighten up your day!
"Larry Wirtz made us laugh and have fun in addition to delivering a powerful Christ centered message that was perfect for our Upward Awards - Football Celebration! I highly recommend this dynamic speaker for your celebration."
Chris Swymeler
The Chapel - Fort Wayne, Indiana


Who is this tricky fellow?

This classically trained "sleight-of-hand" artist is a Stephen's Minister, Certified Lay Speaker and a full-time Inspirational Speaker, Humorist, and Entertainer. Larry Wirtz has presented programs in over 7,000 schools along with colleges, churches, corporations, and conventions across 32 states and Canada delighting (and impacting) millions of children and their families. Described as intelligent, articulate, and dynamic, Larry delivers an eye-opening, jaw-dropping program that is genuine, dignified, funny, very entertaining, and most importantly RELEVANT! His popular brand of educational entertainment has won the hearts of all generations, making him a nationally recognized leader in his field. For fun, Larry is working towards his Master's Degree in Divinity at Indiana Wesleyan University.