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Family Friendly Entertainment

Family Friendly Entertainment

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Larry Wirtz
Postal Box 837
Crown Point, IN

(219) 662 - 1530

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Fairs and Festivals

Looking for that perfect, family oriented entertainer that can entertain and excite crowds of 5 to 5,000 people? Whether you are looking for an emcee to warm up your audience and to act as host, street festival style or strolling entertainment that mingles through out the venue, a family platform program, or a feature performer with a full stage 90 minute magic show, Larry Wirtz has the experience and know-how to stimulate the imagination, create lasting memories to exceed your expectations!

Described as intelligent, articulate and dynamic, Larry delivers an eye-opening, jaw dropping program that is genuine, dignified, funny and very entertaining. His popular brand of magical entertainment has won the hearts of all generations, making him a nationally recognized leader in his field.