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Family Friendly Entertainment

Family Friendly Entertainment

Childcare Facilities

Public Libraries

Fairs and Festivals

Vacation Bible School

Upward Award Celebrations

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Who am I?


Larry Wirtz
Postal Box 837
Crown Point, IN

(219) 662 - 1530

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Larry Wirtz has made a career of providing Magic & Comedy that transcends all generations with its timelessness! Long before the event, Larry will speak with you personally to better learn what your gathering is all about. This personal touch gives Larry a better insight to your celebration. From there he will know exactly what to arrive with to present a very special program for your very special party!

Whenever friends and families gather together, there is always the need for Live Entertainment!

See your children laugh harder than they ever laughed before! Watch your family smile until it hurts! Listen to memories of fun long after the show is over! Entertainment YOU CAN TRUST!

Every Season - Every Reason

Parents - Grandparents - Aunts - Uncles
& of course CHILDREN

Family Friendly Entertainment
For ALL Generations!