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Family Friendly Entertainment

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Larry Wirtz
Postal Box 837
Crown Point, IN

(219) 662 - 1530

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Childcare Testimonials

"Larry's Bag-o-Tricks Magic Show was an exciting part of our end of the year celebration. Students, teachers and parents truly enjoyed this amazing show! We will have him back again!"
Dawn Wallen
Marshall Starke Head Start

Know, Indiana


"Larry relates well with children of all ages (including the adults) and that is worth every dime!"
Julie Cartwright
Bright Beginnings Day Care

Merrillville, Indiana


"Larry's programs are extremely engaging, educational and fun! I would highly recommend his Bag-o-Tricks Magic Show to anyone!"
Amy Smith
Childcare Development Center

Augusta, Michigan


"Larry provides a great magic show every summer for our school age children. Everyone (children and teachers alike) look forward to his annual visit!"
Kari Alford
Early Childhood Development Center - St. Mary's College & Notre Dame University

South Bend, Indiana


"Everyone was absolutely delighted with the performance of Larry Wirtz's Bag-o-Tricks Magic Show. Well Done!"
Sherry Shaffer
Calvary Christian Child Care

Toledo, Ohio


"Larry presents a terrific magic show that we enjoy every year! He has a special way of entertaining the children as well as the teachers. I highly recommend Larry's Bag-o-Tricks Magic Show to anyone!"
Jacinta Hemmerlein
Kimble Kids

Jasper, Indiana


"Larry's Bag-o-Tricks Magic Show exceeded my expectations. He was able to capture the children's attention during the program. It was a fun day that they will remember for a long time!"
Paula Dunn
Kids Adventure Club

Grand Ledge, Michigan


"WOW! Larry's shows are outstanding. We look forward to Larry returning every year!"
Debbie Adney

Muncie, Indiana


"Excellent! The children as well as the adults loved Larry's magic and his sense of humor! We look forward to inviting him back next year!"
Emily Frank
Goddard School - Landen Location

Mason, Ohio


"We are always happy when Larry visits us with his Bag-o-Tricks Magic Show. This is a wonderful program that our staff enjoys as much as the children. I highly recommend Larry and his magic show to everyone!"
Alica Redditt
St. Joseph Childcare Center

Battle Creek, Michigan


"Larry's visits are always filled with fun, excitement and laughter. He has a way of entertaining both children and adults! Highly Recommended!"
Traci Lauth
TLC Learning Center

St. Marys, Ohio


"The children and teachers are always excited when they hear that Larry will be visiting us with his Bag-o-Tricks Magic Show. It is always a highlight for our summer program!"
Rita Poff
St. Michael's Child Care

Charlestown, Indiana


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