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Family Friendly Entertainment

Family Friendly Entertainment

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Larry Wirtz
Postal Box 837
Crown Point, IN

(219) 662 - 1530

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"A child's early experiences lay the foundation for loving life, enjoying school and performing well!"


Understanding how important children are to our future, Larry has set aside a limited number of days in his calendar from his other programs and speaking engagements to dedicate solely to childcare facilities.

"An outstanding way to brighten up your day!"

Larry has created a very special edition of the Bag-o-Tricks Magic Show designed for childcare facilities. This positive experience is an exciting, high-energy magic show that coordinates with the specific needs of childcare centers and schools just like yours. In addition to being fun and exciting, this cost-effective program is also uplifting, educational and entertaining.

"Larry will capture your imagination and put a smile on everyone's face!"

The Bag-o-Tricks Magic Show is designed for multi-aged groups. It is 35 to 40 minutes of laughter, audience-involvement, and unforgettable magic. Each program features some old favorites, as well as brand new magic and funny business. All this entertainment requires the minimum amount of space for the maximum amount of fun! Best of all, if you are not careful, you just may learn something! Every program may include topics of safety, cooperation, patriotism and respect (just to name a few). This educational feature alone makes it MORE than just another "typical" magic show. This is a benefit that your teachers and parents will genuinely appreciate!

This is the year to make the fun & excitement appear at your facility!

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